Czech yourself before you wreck yourself

Welcome to our designated rest day! We made the most of it by picnicking in style on Střelecký ostrov, an island in the Vltava River with beautiful views. After reading a poster a few days ago we were excited to attend a free open air concert on the island (this poster was not in English, and we were making a few assumptions). The picnic hamper was packed and had an enviable assortment of cheeses, meats and breads (including a cheese that magically tastes like ham, Hamcheese), and so we set ourselves up early for a big day of music and relaxing.

DSC00539   DSC_0103    DSC00542

To our utter distress thousands of children and families descended on our idyllic island for a maternity market! Apparently fluency in an unknown language does not happen in three days!

The day was salvaged by finally discovering a gelato store we’ve been hunting since arriving 5 days ago. Angelato has an impressive variety, our favourite of which was a traditional parmesan and walnut flavour favoured by the Ancient Romans. Don’t judge until you’ve tried it!

DSC_0011       DSC_0006

What have we done to earn a rest day I hear you ask? Well friends, let me tell you, we have done many many kilometres of trekking over the last few days. We happened across Letenské sady, a hilltop park where local folk go to drink cheap beer and practice circus tricks. You won’t find that description of the park in the travel journals but we saw four individual groups of tightrope walkers making their way between the trees, a unicyclist, giant hoop guy and others all enjoying the beautiful summer weather with families, dog walkers, cyclists. I have to wonder how that would go in Australia, $1 drinks and no real rules or police supervision? Not smoothly I imagine. Well done Prague.

After reading about the Prague Zoo and many of the leading breeding programs they have we decided to do a day trip yesterday. We had a relaxing trip down the river to the zoo and had a most excellent day. They even had a chairlift (with exceptional views) to the top of the hill for footsore people like us! Liam took over camera duties and these are his favourite photos from the day…

DSC00495      DSC00504     DSC00339

              Hairy faced mountain goat                                                 Mongol Steed                                        Ground Squirrel

DSC00521  DSC00439  DSC00412 DSC00468

       Flamengo                                              Jess                                                Scarlet Ibis                                     Penguin Bromance

DSC00387  DSC00377    DSC00501

                    Zazu – Bad Simba!                                                                Giraffes                                                         50c Chairlift

DSC00376  DSC00345  DSC00318

              Meercat Sleepover                                                   Otter!                                                          There are no words…

Thank you for reading! We’ll take turns at keeping you up to date with the trip, the next instalment will be from Croatia.




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