Dubrovnik and the search for Daenerys…

The journey to Dubrovnik via coach was an adventure in it’s own right; first we had to traverse some South American style cliffside roads, then a brief run through the Bosnia & Herzegovina corridor encompassing a couple of border crossings and finished off in style with a game of luggage roulette. The rules for luggage roulette are that you wait until the bus gets over 80km/h and on to the most windy of roads, then one of the luggage compartments pops open and people’s bags start falling out, once the spotter notices play has commenced and screams out “the luggage, the luggage!” the drivers immediately pull over the bus and sprint a couple of hundred meters back through traffic collecting bags. The object of the game is to not have your luggage fall out into traffic… fortunately on this occasion we were winners!

We arrived late in the afternoon and went for a bit of an explore around the old town, found a few more Game of Thrones locations, checked out the museums and then grabbed a quick (and enormous) feed at Burger Tiger before turning in for the night. We had a big day ahead of us climbing the Walls of Dubrovnik.

DSC00947  DSC00879  DSC00827

We were up early the next morning, feasting on some meaty pastries for sustenance before beginning our climb of the walls, we hit the walls as soon as they were open at 8am in an attempt to avoid the crowds and the heat. We avoided the crowds. The walls were amazingly well maintained considering that they were first built in their current form during the 12th century, they are over 2km in length and rise 25m protecting the town from both the sea and the mountains. For more information on the walls have a look here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Walls_of_Dubrovnik

DSC00886     DSC00963     DSC01007

On our tour of the walls we also happened across yet another Game of Thrones locations… this time The House of the Undying, which led to me deciding to wait until all of the other tourists had moved along so that I could “play” GoT for a bit much to Jess’s amusement.

It wasn’t only walls that we climbed, we also ventured to the top of Mount Srd, this time via cable car as we were still recovering from our previous mountaineering exploits. The view from the top was amazing and it was here that Jess found us a 4WD buggy adventure to jump on. This consisted of flying around off road mountain trails at high speeds in two person buggies under the mentorship of our local guide. We both had a crack at driving with Jess the stand out performer on the day. As well as being a stack of fun driving the buggies our guide gave us great insight into the war that threatened Dubrovnik in the early 90s. A group of volunteers and hunters successfully held the line for 8 months against professional soldiers using only the cannon from the museum and their personal firearms. Many lives were lost and the UNESCO site was significantly bombed with over 30% of the town ablaze at different times, it was this act that brought an international focus to the conflict.

cable car  DSC00848  DSC00864

On our last evening in Dubrovnik we met up with our crew for our Intrepid tour from Dubrovnik to Athens, the itinerary for which can be seen here: http://www.intrepidtravel.com/greece/dubrovnik-athens-82873

We had a group dinner and got to know one another over a few Croatian beers and some traditional Balkan food, it’s a great group of people and we have already had some great adventures. We are currently running a few days behind on the blog due to a lack of wifi so we will do our best to get some more blogs up and get caught up ASAP!

Thanks for reading!


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