Ramo to Rome – Our European Adventure


For over four years Jess and I have lived in Ramingining, a remote Indigenous community in Eastern Arnhem Land. The Top End of Australia is an amazing part of the world where traditional culture and language remains strong, this is particularly true of Arnhem Land and the Yolngu people who live here. Over our time here in Ramo we have been fortunate to make some great friends and been invited to participate in some unique experiences, we will be sad to leave Ramingining but we know that we will have a connection to this place for the rest of our lives and will be back again soon.

            bungul            liam and lloyd

Our next adventure is a six and a half month grand tour around Europe, we have set up this page so that family, friends and anyone else interested can have a look at what we are up to and stay in touch.

Over the course of our journey we will be roaming the streets of Kings Landing in Dubrovnik, wine tasting in Macedonia, enjoying a homestay in Albania, exploring Crete, participating in the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh & hot air ballooning over the Scottish Highlands… And that’s just the first six weeks!

Jess knows how to order a steak in Italian and I am capable of saying “Sorry I don’t speak German well” in Deutsch so all in all I think we are well equipped to take on an adventure of this magnitude!

We will try and keep the updates coming through as frequently as possible. Enjoy!

Liam & Jess

Liam and Jess

2 thoughts on “Ramo to Rome – Our European Adventure

  1. Liam and Jess – sicher und glucklich Reisen : Kalo taksidi : Gueti Reisi : Sretan put! : St astnou cestu! : Bon Voyage:
    SAFE AND HAPPY TRAVELS 🙂 …looking forward to your travel tales and pics, Tassie Flans xx


  2. Hope all your dreams come true with such a wonderful trip planned. I look forward to hearing about some of it etc. Look after one another! Cheers Jodie


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